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About Style a Daf

People learn in very different ways. The visual learning style is a way of learning in which information is associated with images. This learning style requires that learners see what they are expected to know.

Various sections of Torah learning, whether it be a very involved Gemarah sugya, or a complicated halachic principle, is often best understood when depicted through color, art, and picture.

This is, some, of what Style·A·Daf attempts to accomplish. Style·A·Daf is primarily a project through which Torah concepts are presented in an engaging, organized, easily understandable, and eye-pleasing manner. 

Style·A·Daf also has a graphic design division, for personal work, including flyers, invitations, programming booklets, and more. 

About Rabbi Natan Farber


Rabbi Natan Farber is a dynamic Jewish educator, seamlessly blending traditional teaching approaches with innovative graphic technologies, dedicated to empowering and enriching the educational journey of high school yeshiva students through a passion for learning. With extensive administrative expertise and a wealth of experience in student activity programming, Rabbi Natan Farber has not only been a dedicated teacher but also a director of a sleepaway camp, bringing a multifaceted approach to nurturing the holistic development of young minds.


Rabbi Natan Farber currently serves as Director of Student Activities at DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys (Woodmere, NY) where he oversees the school's extracurricular, recruitment, and PR efforts. Rabbi Farber taught Gemarah, Navi and Graphic Design for the eight years before taking on his latest role in DRS. Rabbi Farber is also the Director of Camp Dina, an all-girls sleepaway camp for over 600 campers, located in the Poconos.



Bachelors of Psychology, Yeshiva University

Masters of Education, Azrieli Graduate School for Education, Yeshiva University

Semicha, RIETS, Yeshiva University


Excellent Teacher Award, Gruss Monuments Fund, 2019



Google Certified Educator 

Apple Certified Educator 

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